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Health & Nutrition

for Head Start?

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One-stop shop for health.

What's included?

Track progress on mandated health events

Keep children up-to-date on medical and oral health

Track referrals and follow-up services

Mental Health

Social-emotional screenings and referrals.

What's included?

Collaborate with parents to meet social-emotional needs

Maintain a mental health consultant

Support family mental health and wellness


Screenings, assessments, follow-ups.

What's included?

Track meals and nutrition

Promote learning during meals and snacks

Safe and Sanitary Environments

Strong health and safety policies.

What's included?

Provide staff training on health and safety expectations

Complete timely staff background checks

Establish emergency preparedness plans

Conduct preventative maintenance

Expectant families

Does your agency serve pregnant mothers?

What's included?

Track services for expectant families

Engage in family partnership process with expectant families

Schedule newborn visits

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