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A full suite of tools for Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant Head Start, and American Indian Head Start.

From the team that created:

GoEngage is your complete Head Start software system.


Operations & HR

Federal Reviews, governance, professional development, PIR, and rollovers.
Popular Features
  • Dashboards & data tours
  • Practice reviews
  • Policy council


Eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment, and application.
Popular Features
  • Eligibility recommendation
  • Attendance kiosk
  • Express enrollment package

Health & Nutrition

Health, mental health, nutrition, safe and sanitary environments, and expecting families.
Popular Features
  • 1-stop shop for health
  • Initial mandate planning
  • EPSDT colorful flags and alerts

Child Development & Education

Screenings, teaching and the classroom, coaching, smooth transitions for children.
Popular Features
  • Lesson plans
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Home visits

Family & Community Engagement

Family engagement outcomes, goal-setting, parent activities, and community partnerships.
Popular Features
  • Family outcomes checkpoints
  • Goal-setting
  • Parent activities


Nonfederal shares, inkind tracking, facilities, and equipment.
Popular Features
  • Inkind tracking
  • Nonfederal progress
  • Facilities & equipment

What are you stressed about?

GoEngage is built on top of the Head Start fundamentals.


Automatically pulls from Magical PIR Stickers 🦄

Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS)

Any screen where staff enters data

Head Start FA1 Review Monitoring Protocols

Practice reviews and Program Outcomes Portal

Head Start FA2 Review Monitoring Protocols

Practice reviews and Program Outcomes Portal

Poverty Guidelines (PG)

Automatic eligibility determination

EPSDT Schedule

Health screens

Immunization Schedule

Immunization screens

USDA Reimbursement Rates

CACFP/USDA tracking and reports

Parent, Family, Community Engagement Framework (PFCE)

Family Engagement Outcomes synced with Family Partnership Agreements

Why do staff love GoEngage?

Easy navigation

GoEngage has less tabs,
less clicking.

No double data entry

If you enter data in one place, it
will show up in other relevant


Only see the buttons
you need to use.

Meet your

GoEngage Team

1 Concierge Implementation Specialist

Change isn't easy. When you make the switch, we assign you a qualified member of our GoEngage family to ease the transition for you and your staff.

2 Support Specialists

Our philosophy: Head Start requires personalized support. Each agency has its own policies and challenges, so we make an effort to get to know your agency and personalize our responses to your calls and emails.

FA1/FA2 First Responder Team

Send us your review dates. Everyone, including our Executive Leadership, watches for calls and emails from your agency during your review. Don't do it alone.

Head Start Certified

GoEngage requires all new employees to undergo an intensive 160-hour Head Start Bootcamp. Head Start is complex. Your questions can't be answered by regular customer support.

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