30 years in Early

Childhood Education.

If you review the history of Cleverex, you will find that impacting children and families is always the goal.

 Yvonne B Maryland


Our Chief Systems Architect, Lihong Ma, is born into poverty and becomes the first child in his village to attend college. All his life, he will be motivated by dedication to helping families like his.


Lihong is the lead programmer for data capture & analytics in the Comprehensive Child Development Program (CCDP), an experimental project that serves infants, toddlers, and pregnant women. DID YOU KNOW CCDP is the foundation for today's Early Head Start Program?


Lihong is the lead programmer for data & analytics for the national PIR.


Lihong founds Cleverex!


Cleverex builds Head Start Family Information Services (HSFIS), a case management system free for all agencies. Soon, 1,600+ agencies, serving 400,000+ children, are using HSFIS.


Cleverex builds Fiscal Assistant, a free tool for Head Start agencies to learn about the administration and management of Head Start funds.


Cleverex builds Grant Application Budgeting Instruments (GABI) and Program Review Instruments for Systems Monitoring (PRISM), which allow Head Start grantees to check staffing and budget applications themselves.


Cleverex builds the Transportation PathFinder, a free tool for Head Start agencies to view federal, state, and local information about safe transportation programs for their kiddos.


Cleverex builds the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center (ECLKC), an information hub and collaboration platform for the Office of Head Start, regional offices, T&TA Networks, and grantees nationwide.


Cleverex builds S*M*A*R*T, a fully integrated family information system that satisfies the performance requirements of the Success by 6® initiative, Healthy Families of Maryland, and Head Start.


Data management software is privatized and the HSFIS contract ends.

Cleverex develops HSFIS into Program Resources and Outcomes Management Information System (PROMIS 1.0), envolving the capabilities into a web-based system.


Cleverex builds Subcabinet for Children, Youth and Families Information System (SCYFIS), a secure web-based case management information system.


Over 8 years, Cleverex continually enhances, invents, and innovates PROMIS 1.0, which grows into PROMIS 2012.


Cleverex releases a sleek, state-of-the-art upgrade from PROMIS 2012, code name P-Lite. But what is it a code name for? There's still a secret surprise in the works behind the Cleverex curtain...


The secret is unveiled! Cleverex releases myHeadStart, a powerful software equipped with dozens of revolutionary features utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Cleverex turns its strongest focus yet to continually improving, updating, enhancing, and modernizing

Our Leadership Today

Lihong Leon Ma

President & CEO

Sari Schray

Project Director

Xiubin Luo

Technical Director

Thalsidia Mena-Garcia

Help Desk Manager

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