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GoEngage can share data with other platforms, like ASQ Online.

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GoEngage works on all browsers and devices with WiFi.

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Flow-based model.

Each task is just a button on your home page! Start with one click, and follow your instincts to the end.

In my role as a federal reviewer, I found programs using the GoEngage (previously myHeadStart & myCAP) database to be more prepared for the review and quickly able to produce information requested by the team.

 Judy L, Federal Reviewer

Big-picture framework.

Every data entry screen includes self-monitoring and learning. Know the "why" behind all your work.

We previously utilized the ChildPlus Data Management System. However, we made a conscientious decision to switch to the GoEngage (previously myHeadStart & myCAP) system [...] which automates processes that were previously done manually.

 Darries G, Information Systems Manager

360-degree command center

Dive into all levels of program operations with at-a-glance dashboards in GoEngage's Program Outcomes Portal (POP).

...GoEngage's impressive simplicity is navigating and filtering our database from 2018 all the way back to 2005 in a matter of seconds, presented in a revamped easy to read, print, and export interface.

 Javier R, Information Technology Manager

Empower your program with GoEngage.

Communicate with parents via text, email, letter, or Parent Portal.

In-system collaboration

Tag and message team members from different content areas.

Custom reporting

Pick from 600+ built-in reports, or design your own.

We find that being able to assign staff just the tasks that are involved with their job function has now made training staff to use this system “enjoyable”!

 Mary J, System Administrator

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